Outdoor Storage Shed Gable Roof

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Size: 5'x3'
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Product specification

During the assembly process, please wear gloves to protect your hands, and keep the accessories of the tool shed away from your skin to avoid being cut. Pls prepare the bolts by yourself to secure the frame to the ground, when meet the wind or heavy rain.


Alloy Steel


Dark Gray

Storage Capacity

83cu.ft (5'x3'); 280 cu.ft (7.6'x6'), 450 cu.ft (9.3'x7.6')

High-quality Material

The outdoor storage cabinet uses thicker alloy steel and more durable framework for safe and all-weather purposes. The material is rust-resistant and could be UV-resistant under the hot sun. Overlapped wall panels features with waterproof and moister-resistant, worry-free for all weather condition use.

Storage Shed Advantages in Various Settings

The storage shed, a versatile space, offers numerous advantages across various scenarios. Whether organizing tools for DIY projects, storing cleaning supplies, or serving as a pet house, its multifunctionality enhances efficiency and declutters living spaces.

Durable And Sturdy Design 

The outdoor storage shed with support bars as stable and durable construction. The roof adopts groove and slop design that allows rain to flow down quickly and avoid water builds up, protecting your stuff in thunderstorm weather.Pad-lockable doors give easy access to your stored items and enhance the safety.

Ventilation And UV Protection

The outdoor storage box equipped with vents to increases lighting and airflow; UV protective galvanized steel will help to keep the sheds & outdoor storage clearance in all weather-resistant.

Upgrade Your Backyard

The outdoor metal tool shed helps hide your yard waste and large equipment, avoid clutter in your yard, basement, or garage. The garden storage shed adds a crisp clean appearance that blends perfectly with any exterior design or landscaping.