Hardtop Gazebo Gray with Double Canopy

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Size: 10'x12'
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Domi Outdoor Living hardtop gazebo commonly used in residential backyards or on patios. Whether you're hosting a barbeque, a family gathering, or just need a place to escape the sun, this gazebo is the ideal choice.

Product specification

Anchor the gazebo as soon as finish the installation. 


Galvanized Steel Roof and Aluminum Frame

Fabric Material

180gsm polyester with PU coating, CP-84 flame retardant material


299 LBS(10'x12'), 321.6 LBS(12x12 ft), 360 LBS(12x14 ft), 415.3 LBS(12x16 ft), 472.3 LBS(12x18 ft), 495.8 LBS(12x20 ft)

Roof Hanging Weight Capacity

Each hook 20 LBS

Snow Pressure Resistant

22 LBS./Square foot

Wind Resistance

50 mph

Sunshield Level

99% UV-proof, UPF 50+


Our gazebo is made to last. The whole installation requires at least 2 people to ensure safety and sturdiness. Make sure all parts are clicked or screwed properly following the instructions to ensure water resistance and sturdiness. Please contact us for any installation problems.

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 00:00 AM- 02:30 AM, 17:30 PM- 24:00 PM(GMT -8:00)Average answer time: 24h
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